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I'm Laura.

A passionate and detail-oriented qualified architect and ux designer skilled in crafting intuitive and empathetic environments. 

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problem solving




Passionate and detail-oriented qualified architect, possessing a strong design background, eager to transition into the field of user experience. A result’s-driven professional adept at creating intuitive and empathetic environments, ready to channel 8 years of design expertise in a transformative role in product design. Bringing a fresh perspective, creative flair, robust analytical skills and an unwavering commitment to excellence to embrace the challenges of this dynamic and exciting technology-driven domain.

Seeking new challenges in user research, interaction design and prototyping to contribute to innovative projects.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Employ a flexible approach and can adapt easily to work either independently or within a team environment. Proficient in fostering effective communication and providing support to team members to achieve shared goals. Skilled in collaborating with a broad spectrum of professionals including engineers, contractors and clients to ensure seamless and cohesive project execution.


Confident in assuming leadership roles and managing responsibilities effectively. Proven track record as a project architect and pacakge lead, adept at delivering work on programme, adhering to project budgets and maintaining high quality assurance standards. Skilled in achieving successful project outcomes through strategic planning and execution.


Proficient in articulating design concepts clearly to various stakeholders including clients and contractors. Experienced in incorporating feedback from clients, stakeholders and team members to refine and enhance design solutions within the iterative design process. Effective in presenting and proficient in written communication, honed through both academic and professional experiences.

Analytical thinking and problem solving

Enjoy tackling challenges and adept at problem solving within both professional and design contexts. Experienced in prioritising tasks, managing time efficiently and employing structured problem-solving methodologies. Committed to prioritising user needs and experiences in design solutions whilst effectively managing project constraints such as design feasibility, changing project requirements and budget constraints.


Possess a keen eye for detail and a passion for creating aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly solutions. Capable of generating innovative design concepts and seamlessly integrating design elements to enhance user experiences. Proficient in leveraging spatial understanding to creative intuitive design interfaces that resonate with users.


Thoroughly research-oriented with a commitment to gathering comprehensive insights into relevant areas, such as building materials, construction methods and regulations. Proficient in utilising various software tools such as 3D visualisation, 3D and presentation software to bring design concepts to life effectively.

Please reach out for a copy of my CV

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