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The Power Struggle of Lincoln

Project 1

A three-week project completed in the first semester of my final year at Nottingham.


The film created in project one explores the theme of power in relation to the three main entities within Lin­coln: the cathedral, the castle and the town. These entities respectively represent collaborative and in­fluential powers beyond their built structures such as religion, autocracy and commercialism and the film represents how they each compete for the dominant position in Lincoln and what the effects of this is.


  • Religion is represented through the Cathedral

  • Autocracy is represented through the Castle


The ideas investigated within the collage demonstrate that there is more to Lincoln than first appears. Within the collage I wanted to express how the desire for power in Lincoln has resulted in chaos and destruction. I have mapped out the three main entities within Lincoln; the castle, the cathedral and the town and demonstrated their effect on the city. The base layer represents the atmosphere within Lincoln; at the top the colours are light and warm to suggest the tranquility of the town however as the colours change towards the bottom there is the suggestion that the ambience is a lot darker than it seems. I have also included some concrete blocks to represent the fragility of textuality and the buildings within Lincoln as a result of the desire for power, as well as drawings to represent the relationships that each entity has with each other. The next layer is a model to demonstrates the chaos that has resulted from this desire from power, stretching from the top to the bottom of the canvas, but focused on the town aspect of Lincoln since this has been most obviously destroyed through the reliance of commercialism to the town. The final layer is a laser cut map of Lincoln overlaid with the fragments that represent Lincoln the most. All three entities are displayed on the top layer to suggest that they are attempting to hide all of the issues within Lincoln, however the transparency of the map suggests that the chaos is beginning to show within the town.

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